Your smart device can help you plan your boating and fishing adventures down to the finest detail. Mick Fletoridis gives the lowdown on his favourite apps.

In the modern age, boaters and anglers have technology at their fingertips that can accurately predict weather and sea conditions and display detailed satellite imagery of Australia’s waterways and landmass. With the advent of the smartphone, this sort of information is now available to anyone, virtually anywhere and often for free or at minimal cost. As long as signal coverage is available your mobile phone can deliver vital real time info whenever you want it.

This technology makes the planning of boating and fishing trips as easy as can be. Spending a few minutes connecting to your favourite apps from the comfort of a lounge chair before your trip can save you on-water time looking for new areas to fish, better places to launch, set up camp and more. Boating and fishing apps can give you the ability to: map new areas to explore, find bays to shelter in from forecast winds, check tides, research local techniques, source water levels, view moon phases, discover where/when to fish – the list is endless. To get you started, here’s a run-down on some popular apps that boaters and anglers should find particularly useful.

For more information on the apps, search the App Store online for Apple iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices.

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