Yachting Queensland’s annual Sail Brisbane will be expanding this year to multiple venues in the crusade to boost sailing enthusiasm.
A prominent sailing regatta which has previously been hosted at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron in Manly, it will now include Humpybong Yacht Club, Woody Point as a venue.

According to Yachting Queensland Executive Officer Ben Callard, as expansion of Sail Brisbane creates an opportunity for more sailors to participate, the ultimate goal is to attract sailors from all over Australia and neighbouring countries which will in turn help to generate a greater interest in Sail Brisbane within the general public.

“Growing this event is a priority for Yachting Queensland because we hope to show people some fantastic Queensland sailing venues, and that families can come to this event and have a great time,” Mr Callard said.

However, Sail Brisbane’s visibility is not the only thing that will benefit from its expansion.

Mr Callard said that Humpybong Yacht Club’s image, the relationships between Queensland yacht clubs and the image of sailing in general will also be boosted when sailors take their positions on the water.

“It is a great opportunity for Humpybong Yacht Club to become involved in one of Queensland premiere events, allowing them to showcase their club, their facilities and their passionate team of volunteer sailing administrators and officials.

“Running the two events will also encourage The Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron and Humpybong Yacht Club to work together and ultimately help to unify the sport in Queensland by binding all of the clubs in cooperation.

“Furthermore, the expansion of Sail Brisbane will make the sailing more visible to the public, specifically the local communities of the venues, showing how fun, safe and easy sailing can be for everyone.”

Mr Callard said this year’s events will provide a sound foundation to improve even further in 2015.