The BIA of NSW will this year launch Discover Boating Week on 18 to 26 October. With a warm summer predicted and the heightened activity amongst the recreational marine industry, a big summer is expected for recreational boating.

Discover Boating Week has been designed to help those considering boating as a lifestyle option to better understand the multitude of offerings available.

In 1997 the BIA of NSW launched Try Sailing Day, and since then this annual activity has given over 30,000 people, mostly children, the opportunity to Try Sailing for the first time. Discover Boating Week takes the successful elements of this program and have opened it up to all sectors of recreational boating.

The format is simple and involves any business to share information or a boating experience from their selected location. A participating member nominates a day, time and activity. That activity is then added to the schedule that is promoted to the public.

The launch of Discover Boating Week has uncovered numerous ideas from the industry. Activities during Discover Boating Week will now include Try a Trailer Boat, Understanding Boat Sharing, Marina Open Day, Discover Paddling, Discover Sailing, Understanding Boat Storage Options & Understanding Boat Hire. The week will be promoted through a number of mediums including three specially produced Channel 7 Sydney Weekender Stories, a radio campaign and an extensive social media and direct Email campaign to BIA’s extensive consumer network.

Participating activity hosts will be supported with logos and marketing collateral to assist them also promote their activities and participation.

The programs will be promoted under the masthead. For information about who is already participating in Discover Boating Week, go to