Nautilus Marine can offer additional support to your business, through our range of commercial insurance products. Whether you need to arrange one-off transit cover, boat repairers liability or cover for commercial charter, we’ve got you covered. Follow the links below for additional information on the types of insurance we offer.

The information on this page is a summary only, please contact your insurance broker for further information or to arrange a quote.

Marina Operators Liability

This is a cover specifically designed for the needs of marina owners and operators, boat clubs and other businesses where boats are left in their care. Like our ship repairers cover the policy protects against liabilities incurred arising from business operations, on land and on water. The activities protected are those declared via the application form and typically include mooring/berthing, fuelling, repairs and boat broking activities.

Commercial Charter Vessel

We offer the following types of cover to the commercial marine industry. The information on this page is a summary only.

When considering this product, you should carefully read the relevant Product Disclosure Statements and policy wordings to ensure that it meets your needs, as limits and exclusions do apply.

Ship & Boat Repairers Liability Cover

This is a cover generally provided to marine repairers who service the pleasure craft industry. Examples of occupations include shipwrights, marine mechanics, electricians, riggers and detailers. Our wording provides land based and over water based protection including cover for vessels of any length in the care, custody or control of the repairer.

Fire and Perils Packages

Secure, specific and tailored to the boating industry, our business insurance solutions gives you peace of mind that an industry specialist is behind your business insurance. Our unique wording provides land based protection for assets and liabilities of boating industry business nationwide.

Floating Asset Cover

This is a cover generally provided to boat brokers operating out of a marina as a gap cover to protect their own boats and those they have on consignment for the purpose of sale, but only if those boats are not otherwise insured, and only while they are laid up afloat at the insureds marina, or the usual marina of the business’s operation.

Dealers Stock

Through this cover, marine dealers with stock that are land based or constantly afloat have market leading options inrespect of material damage, as well as liability associated with the usage of this stock for the purpose of sale.

Builders’ Risk

One off build, or annual cover, we have your solution.

This cover protects boat builders from loss of or damage to the hull and the machinery of a vessel during constructions. Insurance attaches from the time construction commences and continues during subsequent launching and sea trials, until deliveryof the completed vessel.