What happens if you need to make a claim?

If a situation arises where your client needs to make a claim, rest assured we are here to help. Our claims team are on hand to help with advice and assistance when it’s needed most.

We utilise the services of hundreds of professional marine organisations nationwide to assist in the management of repairs, including professional, independent marine loss adjusters to assist in fair, prompt attention to all claims.

If an event occurs that is likely to result in a claim to be lodged, the following checklist will help you and your client ensure that everything required is provided early on, so that the claim can be assessed quickly.

If the worst does happen you should, firstly, advise your client to or arrange for:

  • take steps to prevent any further loss, damage, cost or liability
  • advise the police if the event involves theft, attempted theft, malicious damage or impact
  • call our claims team on 0800 455 007 during office hours or, contact your local 24/7 Nautilus Marine claims contact if the event is an emergency*.
  • emai claimsteam@nautilusinsurance.com.au
  • a report may also have to be lodged with the relevant state maritime or transport authority, consult them directly to discuss the incident and they will advise if the report is required.

*an emergency is defined as, when you and/or your passengers are in imminent danger. Or, your boat is in danger, in danger of sinking or there is a security risk. If you are in doubt as to whether your situation constitutes an emergency, do not hesitate to call the emergency numbers provided.

Please ensure your client does not, without our consent:

  • admit guilt, fault or liability (except where required by law)
  • offer or negotiate to pay a claim
  • approve any repairs or arrange replacements (other than emergency repairs neccessary to minimise or prevent further loss or damage)
  • dispose of any damaged property

What happens next:

Our claims team will provide you with advice to expedite the processing of the claim, if the client has made the claim through you we will not contact them directly. We will generally need the following (although may change depending on the actual incident):

  • Completion of the relevant claim form
  • A quotation to repair the damage sustained, or replacement of any goods stolen or uneconomical to repair.
  • In addition for theft or malicious damage claims, proof of ownership for the items claimed, plus details of the police report / case number.
  • For any claims brought against your client for incidents third parties deem them responsible for (legal liability claims), please attach details of all demand/s received. Please remember your client must never admit guilt, fault or liability except where required to by law (refer above).


Your assistance with the above will help us help assist us in processing your clients claim.

For full details of claims responsibilities and our commitments to the policy holder, please refer to the policy wording / Product Disclosure Statement.